FPM EP 500

Винтовые прессы
FPM EP 500

технические характеристики

номинальная мощность:2600 ton
ø диаметр винта :500 mm
максимальная мощность:4400 ton
размеры поверхности:1260 x 1500 mm
удары в минуту:10
ход ползуна:750 mm
зазор поверхность ползуна:1100 mm
производитель:FPM GROUP SPA
conditions: новое

The new FPM screw presses have been designed according to the basic principles of mechanical construction, adding to that the experience FPM has gained in many years through disassembling, overhauling and then analysing all the screw presses manufactured by the most important Italian and foreign companies.

Thanks to our experience we have been able to realise a new range of friction screw presses based on simple, basic concepts:

Special casting material
Hydraulic pre-load of frame with two steel tie rods
Main screw in special forged steel.
Bushing in special bronze alloy.
Disk shaft in forged steel.

Our press is equipped with an electronic control of press power and ram upstroke- easily adjustable strokes – with explicit, reliable diagnostics in addition to the above characteristics.

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